Communication On The Move (COTM+) - Electronic Solutions Australia, Singapore, USA
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Communication On The Move (COTM+)

Defence, Telecommunications
About This Project


Extel has established a long lasting partnership with a well-known international provider of mission and safety critical products, solutions, and services that supports defence organisations globally.


We had the opportunity to collaborate and develop the extension of their communication systems range with the objective  to improve the effectiveness, security, and capacity of end-users defence operations.


A high-end inter-operable communication unit, this product allows users to integrate disparate technologies including IP and analogue phones, telephone systems, tactical and conventional radios, and cellular equipment in a small modular footprint.


With the ability to easily network via existing IP-based communications infrastructure, this electronic communication tool is designed to support geographically distributed operations, allowing commanders to manage both deployed and distributed assets.


The in-built system enables these different communication sources to be automatically routed, patched, and conferenced to provide a truly inter-operable communications solution across the battlefield.