Hearing Aid
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Hearing Aid

About This Project


A well-known Australian company offering hearing solutions and audiology services reached out to Extel to collaborate in the design, development and manufacturing of the world’s first modular self-fit hearing aid. The customer required the device to be modular and easy to use, giving users a new level of control over their listening experience. The objective was to develop a first of its kind behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid designed to appear like a beautiful piece of jewellery aimed at shifting hearing aids from disability to desirability.


This revolutionary product empowers its users to program their hearing aid themselves, so there are no trips to the audiologist required, and they can optimise the setting of their listening preferences on a smartphone, tablet or PC. The device also removed the requirement for full battery replacement as the battery effortlessly connects to a rechargeable battery pod using magnets.

Product Features

  • The “core” contains the sound processing chip and user settings
  • The “module” contains a rechargeable battery that lasts all day on a single charge and can be easily connected and disconnected from the core
  • Rechargeable modules are used to power the hearing aid – they effortlessly connect into place thanks to the magnets incorporated in the modules
  • The modules can all be stored in the portable charging and drying pod
  • The software is automatically updated when connected to the online app
  • The modules come in 4 different colours – white, black, rose gold and silver