High-Assurance ‘Ultra-Fast’ Encryptor - Electronic Solutions Australia, Singapore, USA
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High-Assurance ‘Ultra-Fast’ Encryptor

About This Project


Extel has commenced manufacturing the first commercially available range of high-assurance, ultra-fast 100Gbps data encryptors that support all network topologies. Our client develops and designs network data encryptors used by governments, enterprises and service providers in more than 30 countries.


Recognizing the impact of rapid growth in Big Data, data centres and the Internet of Things, our client’s customers understand the increasing cyber-crime risks as data volumes grow. These encryptors provide maximum security for 100Gbps ‘mega data’ without compromising on network performance.


This encryptor’s leading data ultra-fast throughput and 100Gbps network bandwidth is the second-generation encryptor manufactured by Extel, and is FIPS certified for use in US government data networks. The 100Gbps encryptor is purpose designed for the special requirements of ultra-fast carrier Ethernet Metro (MAN) and Wide Area (WAN) ‘mega data’ network needs, and boasts an outstanding near-zero latency of ~1.5 micro-seconds in customer testing.


As with all our clients certified high-assurance encryptors, the 100Gbps encryptor provides dedicated secure and tamper-proof hardware; zero-touch automated encryption key management; authenticated encryption; and standards based AES algorithms.