Solution Development Platform
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Solution Development Platform

wearable technology
About This Project


Smartwatches, health monitors, pedometers, activity trackers and virtual reality headsets are all part of the emerging landscape of wearable technology, which promises to change the way we live.


Keeping up-to-date with the latest wearable device technologies, Extel has been contracted by a famous Japanese corporation to design and develop a wearable reference model that offers all the power and functionality of a smart device combined with the life-span of a less complex device.


In just a few months, Extel’s design and development team worked on the industrial, mechanical and electronic design of the product.


The wearable device went through various testing stages where the engineers evaluated its shape, design and functionality. The objective was to create a product that could adapt to the user’s different purposes, with a focus on robustness whilst in constant use.


It features a large number of benefits:


Ultra-low power colour LCD

Micro USB interface

Heart rate monitor

Temperature sensor


Integrated buzzer

3D printed watch case

Vibration motor


This platform offers a broad range of hardware features which make it the perfect platform for consumer wearable device development.


Extel can rapid prototype and custom design the platform or modify it according your requirements. In addition, we will provide you with the schematics, PCB and CAD files.