Telecom Test and Repair Lab - Electronic Solutions Australia, Singapore, USA
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Telecom Test and Repair Lab

About This Project


A global telecommunications provider needed to maintain and upgrade an infrastructure network that was operating under an existing Service Level Agreement.

Due to the rugged environment in which the current products operated in, the upgrade needed to bring improved scalability that would be able to handle peaks and troughs in seasonal demand.



Extel implemented a custom test, repair and calibration lab that is designed to cope with multiple products and control all material sourcing and upgrading in a central operating area.

By establishing the testing and programming requirements for each electronic product, we designed a custom database to control and log fault codes. This also enabled us to provide performance data analysis back to our customer.

With this new way of managing product testing and repairs, we were able to partake in a backlog situation and  not only reduced backlog but also exceed the original SLA targets.